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Optimum Minerals Australia (OMA) Support’s safety philosophy can be interfaced with our client’s own safety policies and procedures and is reflected in our

OH & S Policy under- pinned by comprehensive Fit for Work policies and procedures.

Using yellow safety pull emergency stop

Our management is accountable for providing the safety process, practices, structure, equipment, supervision and training, so that employees and subcontractors are free from the risk workplace injury or illness.


OMA places a strong emphasis on the provision of a safe working environment by utilising effective risk management processes including site and project hazard studies and Risk Assesment submissions to develop and maintain safe work practices. We ensure the standards are continually upheld by conducting pre-start meetings at the commencement of each shift, together with weekly toolbox meetings.


Achieving the highest standards of Occupation Safety and Health performance is a key organisational objective. We ensure continuous improvement of our safety procedures by regular auditing of our sites and observation of our employee’s / peer’s work practices.


OMA Support considers current legislative OSH requirements to be the minimum acceptable performance standards and strive to exceed them.

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