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Optimum Minerals Australia goal is to provide Innovative and cost-effective quality projects to assist client’s profitability through utilising all possible income generating streams and reducing unnecessary costs. This is achieved through the team’s experience and industry exposure.

At OMA, we believe that any client or project would benefit utilizing technologies currently available in hydrocarbon waste stream management. Our goal is to provide you with the best advice and system innovation in recycling.

diesel fuel to tire.jpg
oil water.jpg

Processing scrap canvas conveyor belt 

Processing scrap tyres into Diesel Fuel

Processing Waste Oil, Grease/ Oily Water

filter hose.jpg
mine plan.jpg

Processing scrap HDPE pipe

Processing Hydrocarbon Contaminated Materials (hydraulic hose, filters, etc)

Construction & design on Waste Recovery areas

We are continually developing technologies that provide responsible and sustainable solutions to an issue that burdens all industries that produce waste as a part of their day to day operations. At OMA all our technologies are constructed and comply to Australian Standards and Australian Government Environmental guidelines. Every project has a customised design solution and can be tailored to meet specific client’s requirements.

OGPT utilise the latest technology to process Hydrocarbon waste through Pyrolysis which is the thermal decomposition of materials at elevated temperatures in an inert atmosphere. It involves the change of chemical composition and is irreversible.


Example of some products produced through the Pyrolysis process when processing Hydrocarbon waste streams;


  • Diesel - Burner or Marine diesel

  • Carbon Black or Activated Carbon

  • Steel

  • Electricity

Power Generation - Flex Fuel Generators

GPT are the agent for Inresol Sweden, manufactures of a modular sterling cycle power system that can be scaled from 5KW to 1MV. Larger systems can be made of multiple containerised systems.

The ultra-low maintenance system can operate on any fuel or heat source with a lifetime of 100,000 Hrs.

Flexible fuel, unlike traditional generators our system can operate on almost any fuel source or heat source.  

Syngas, Diesel, Petrol, Hydrogen, LPG, Heat 


At OMA, our unique services include, but not limited to;

Cogs Illustration
high visibility yellow jacket as backgro
Recycled Plastic

Project Management

Occupational Health & Safety

Waste Management

Using a Touch Phone
Masonry Installation Services

Base Mineral Sourcing

Support Services

Construction Services

Environmental Solutions

Sustainable Environmental Project Solutions




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